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French food or French cuisine as it is known has influenced the style of cooking throughout Europe. French cuisine was introduced in the 20th century by Georges Augusre Esciffier who was considered to be a genius in this field. 


Cheese and wine are also a popular part of dining in France and they are well known for some of their cheese and wines. In the North of France people often use butter for cooking but in the South people prefer to use olive oil and garlic in their cooking. Each region in France has its own special dish that they call their own.


There are many famous dishes that are known around the world that have come from France. French bread loaves are known around the world. They are known as the baguette, it is a long and thin loaf of bread. French bread is typically made with white wheat flour but most French bakeries will have many different types of baguettes to choose from. 


Crepes are a favourite sweet treat for many people who visit France. They are known as French pancakes and are very thin. They are usually filled with chocolate sauce and fresh fruit or sprinkled with sugar however they can sometimes have a more savoury filling. 


The French are also known for their love of cheese, they are great at making it too. They create their cheeses from cow’s milk and goat’s milk as well. Camembert, Bree and blue cheese (Roquefort) are the cheeses that the French are most well known for. The French also have a famous dish called ratatouille, this is a thick stew that is made from tomatoes and bell peppers, it is quite often just a vegetable stew but there are variations that have meat included. 


Ratatouille is a well-known vegetable stew that comes from Provence and Nice, regions in France famous for produce. This stew is a celebration of hard-working farmers and the fruits of their labour. Ratatouille is a dish full of garlic, olives and onions. The word ratatouille translates to motley stew and is sometimes referred to as rata which in slang means a mixture of beans, potatoes, mixed vegetables and fatty meat. 


What about the snails?

When you think about French cuisine and food most people instantly think about how they eat snails. This is a popular dish in France and is considered to be a delicacy. It is a must try when over in France. This dish is known in France as escargot and it is often served as an entree or appetiser. The French are known to eat 40,000 metric tons of escargot a year! May 24th is known as the National Escargot Day. 

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