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States of Matter – Response to Text (W3 T2)

States of Matter – Response to Text

Answer each question to the best of your ability, using full sentences and make sure to include detail in your responses.


  1.   What are the three states of matter commonly found on Earth, and what are TWO of their properties?


State #1: State #2: State #3:
Property #1:Liquid is something that is watery and can keep its shape when it’s in a jar. Property #1 Solid is something that is hard and keeps its shape. Property #1 Gases  are something that you can’t see but you can breathe.
Property #2: Liquid is something that you can’t destroy. Property #2 Solid is something hard like wood,brick or food. Property #2 Gases can take their shape if they’re in a jar.


  1. What is the fourth state of matter called?
    1. Electrons 
    2. Particles
  • Plasma
  1. Laser


  1. What happens to the speed of molecules when the temperature increases?
    1. They move quicker
  • They move slower
  1. They move at the same speed
  2. They explode.


  1. Explain what happens to the molecules in a liquid when they are cooled down to their freezing point.


The molecules will go to other molecules and stick with each other.


When the boiling occurs, to the molecules the liquid that the molecules are in they will start to boil and will turn into bubbles then will pop that will release the gas that are in the bubbles.
  1. Explain what happens to the molecules in a liquid when they are heated to their boiling point.


Most of the volume of a gas is composed of the large amounts of empty space between the gas particles.
  1. What could be the reason for the fact that gases can be compressed more easily than solids or liquids?


  1. Explain how each of these jobs might need to understand and work with different types of matter. (You may need to research to find out more)


Job Gas Liquid Solid
Baker When the oven is cooking it releases a gas that we can smell. The batter of a cake. Milk,Cream,Water,

Vegetable oil,Oils,Honey.

The food,Pies,Cakes.


The smoke of the fire. The water that comes out of the hose. They use axes to get someone out of a room if the door is jammed.
Welder When they’re cutting some metal the gas will come out of the metal pipe. Welding fluid and Coolant fluid. The metal that they are using to fix something.