Narrative Writing T1W5 Wed

Once, this place had been filled with colour and sunshine. Once, this place had seen thousands of people come and go. Once, this had been the happiest of places, filled with laughter and joy.


Now, everything was cold. Everyone was gone. Well, almost everyone…


Continue the story.


They were looking for Elsa Anna’s sister. They went through spikes and Anna was trying to climb the mountain but she could not and then Olaf said that he found the stairs. Then Anna jumped off the mountain and landed in the boy’s hands. So they went up the stairs then got to the door and Anna knocked on the door and the door opened. So they walked but it was only Anna. Because Anna said to the boy and Olaf to wait at the door and she said to Olaf stay here for a minute. Then Elsa came down and said hi to her sister Anna. And she said to her to stay away then Olaf came and you were the one who created me.Then said to her again to her to stay back and then she started to run up the stairs. And tried to get away from her sister Anna. and then they were singing and then went  back h

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