Narrative Writing T1W5 Wed

Once upon a time there were two little girls who were sneaking into the ballroom to play so Elsa took  off her gloves and started to shoot snow out of her hand and when she made a snowman. Then she made a pile of snow on the floor. And then Anna started to slide down the pile of snow and she was going too fast and Elsa tried to stop her but she zapped her. Then Elsa ran over to her to see if she was okay. But she was not okay so they healed and one of her pieces of hair turned grey. So Elsa went to her room, shut the door and year by year she would stay in her but when they grew there was a ball planned in the ballroom.  So Elsa got ready and Anna got ready too. Then Anna went for a walk. She fell into this man boat and she said sorry and then she fell in love with him. After that she went to the castle and she finally came out. Then all the guests came in and said hello to Elsa then they were the staff and wired things. Then she froze them then she ran outside and froze the water falton. Then she ran away to the snowy mountains. When she got there she made her an ice castle for herself then she started to sing out loud! Then her sister heard it, then she heard the singing, then she saw a boy, then she saw a living snowman, then found the ice castle. And saw her singing. Then she was going to go up to her and say come back  home but she said NO! So she said the home was a snowy place. So she fixed it and they were happy.the E N D!

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