Overcoming Challenges – Writing Task

Overcoming Challenges


This term we are focusing on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Today you are going to write a short story that demonstrates a character (yourself, or a made up character) overcoming a physical, mental or emotional challenge. 


Prompt: There is a huge inter-school sports tournament coming up, and you (or your character) have been training for months to compete. You know this is going to be a tough competition, and you (or your character) are nervous about it.



Introduce your character; what sort of personality do they have? What sport are they competing in? What preparation have they done?



In your writing you are also tasked with using a variety of sentence structures. That means your writing should contain at least 5 examples of compound sentences, and at least 3 examples of complex sentences.

Don’t zoom in where it says and gap i love my family.


Begin your writing here: Hi my name is Paege-Tina andI hate my family. I love my family and my dogs and my cats and my chickens. The sport I will be competing in is netball because I like playing it. The preparation is where we go into 2 lines and we face each other and and we run to the middle then we stop in the middle then we throw the ball back to the person that passed the ball to us then we run around the other line then the person who is holding the pass it to the other line then the person in the other line throws it to the person that ran around the other line then they throw it back to the person that threw it to them then you keep on repeating. Then we go to a line then we do side shuffles. Then we practise our shooting and defence.