My time in the water recount

It all started when me and my best friend were having a sleepover. Then we woke up and went to my house and then I got my swimming togs. Then we got ready. Then we went into my friend’s car and we drove to the pools. On the way to the pools we were singing. And my best friend’s cousin would not stop farting. Then we got there then we bought the bands. Then we went to the pool but the pool was filled with saltwater. My best friend and I did not like it because the salt water would get in our eyes and it would hurt our eyes. Her cousin hates that swimming pool.


Rhino and a rugby player

Once upon a time there was a Rhino and a rugby player named Jake.He was going to vs a Rhino. Because they made a deal that they will battle. At the Stadium.  At ten am that was when they made the deal and it is when they were going to start But someone came and stoped them and then he said you sould be friends and then they became friend.The end