Month: March 2022

France Landmarks T1 W6

France is the most visited country every year with more than 80 million people visiting each year. It is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are so many famous monuments, buildings and castles in France, but these top landmarks should be recognised by everyone! 


  1. Eiffel Tower in Paris

The Eiffel Tower or known as la tour d’Eiffel in French is one of the landmarks most people can instantly think of when looking at France. The metal construction stands in the city centre of Paris and was built in 1889 as a centrepiece for the World’s Fair. It was initially built to just be an exhibition to only stand for 20 years but it is still the main attraction in France’s capital city with millions of people visiting the Eiffel Tower each year to take iconic pictures. 


  1. Versailles

The château or castle on the outskirts of Paris was built as a hunting lodge for Louis XIII in 1623 but was later transformed into a massive palace for the French kings. After the French Revolution the Royal family was forced to move out of the castle and it fell into disrepair. It has been largely restored today and is an iconic tourist attraction for people to visit. It also hosts visiting heads of foreign states to come and stay. 


  1. Arc de Triomphe

The famous Arc de Triomphe stands in the centre of the French capital Paris at the Place Charles de Gaulle which is also known as Place de L’Etoile. It is a triumphal arch that honours those French soldiers who fought during the war. The names of 588 French generals are written in a list on the inside of the walls of the Arc de Triomphe. This French monument was built between 1806 and 1836. You can climb up the Arc de Triomphe’s 280 stairs to see a wonderful view of Paris from the top. 


  1. Mont St Michel

This French landmark is a tiny island located in a small area off the northwestern coast of France. The island which is only cut off during high tide is accessible on foot using a foot bridge which was created in 2014. On top of the rocky island is an impressive abbey which was built and expanded on over several centuries. Today only about 40 people live in the small village around the parish church and the abbey. 

Response to text – French Food T1 W6

Please read the article on French Food here before answering the questions.


1) Food in France is also known as French

  1. a) Fries b) Toast
  2. c) Cuisine                                      d) Cheese


2) French food has influenced the style of cooking throughout 

  1. a) North America      b) Europe
  2. c) Australasia d) Asia


3) In the South of France people prefer to use this in their cooking

  1. a) butter b) canola oil
  2. c) water d) olive oil and garlic


4) A well known type of bread in France is called a 

  1. a) scone         b) baguette
  2. c) crepe d) bun


5) Crepes are usually filled with chocolate sauce and fresh fruit

  1. True                     b) False


6) Crepes are never filled with a savoury filling

  1. a) True                            b) False


7) A well known cheese that the French are famous for is 

  1. a) Colby                    b) Cheddar
  2. c) Camembert d) Mozzarella cheese


8) Ratatouille is a thick stew that is made from these vegetables

  1. a) carrots and peas                       b) lettuce and cabbage
  2. c) kumara and corn                        c) tomatoes and bell peppers


9) The word ratatouille translates to 

  1. a) motley crew b) motley stew
  2. c) motley crue d) mouldy stew


10) Escargot is the French name for 

  1. a) cheese                   b) truffles
  2. c) snails                     d) baguettes